Cause of your gr8 Zumba classes I have managed to reach my goal weight. Am so trilled. Love the classes, keep up the good work.
This does exactly what it says on the tin, FUN FUN FUN, you will come out smiling and glowing!! 🙂  Thanks Paula, it was brilliant.
Sharon - Castleheany Community Centre
Piloxing is a great class. You really work out and the most important thing is you smile all the way through the class. My balance and coordination wouldn’t be great but it has improved since i started piloxing
Absolutely the only workout I want to go to only because of sinead I must admit, feeling much stronger after tonight’s after doing it a few times !!! Just getting over the initial workout pain
Sinead, Yet another kick ass class in St Brigid’s last night.  So completely enjoyed it.  You are like a little energizer bunny  which just motivates the whole class to want to do better and better.  So looking forward to next weeks class.  Ones spirit truly soars both during and after it.
Sarah Jane
A super Piloxing class in Huntstown this morning! Still buzzing
Hiya, my 5th class so far and the best was tonight at 7 in St Mochta’s! Not great at the steps but first time I wasn’t collapsing and I could actually feel something happening in my leg “muscles” . Roll on next week
Great piloxing class with Sinead Mulvey Zumba great workout, would recommend it . Great for losing the pounds.
I feel Sleek Sexy and Powerful after tonight’s piloxing, feeling stronger after doing a few classes
Loving it, Sinead. I was in Ashbourne on Monday and St Mochtas again tonight! I’m like your stalker! I dragged my Sis to Ashbourne cos I knew she’d love it but Finglas suits her better so we are, quite literally, all over the place.
One of the essentials for a safe zumba toning class is having an instructor who knows the workings of the body, and of what if done can cause injury to yourself, and having the ability to get that across to their students. Safety is paramount. Paula Dooley has this off to a tee. To create a fun athmosphere in your class you have to be a bit crazy. Paula has great energy and personality to achieve this completely. Her mother comes to the classes and the great relationship between them adds to the happiness in the class. It is clear that some of Sinead Mulvey who works alongside Paula at Love2dance has rubbed of on Paula as evident by the energy of the class and the smiling throughout. Paula is extremely approachable and easy to talk to which helps enrich the experience.
Andrew - St. Mochtas
Paula is a brilliant instructor. Full of fun and enthusiasm.  I love zumba toning and OMG you burn calories. I keep coming back for more. I would recommend you try it too.
Martina - Dublin 15
Well it’s the morning after the night before (piloxing that is) and I feel really good, no sore muscles or aches. Me thinks I’ll b back for more !! see u soon
A great way to get fit and have fun. Would highly recommend this and Sinead is a great teacher
It was my 1st class 2nite in Finglas and it was so much fun I’ll b recommending it 2 people 🙂